Alistair Rothwell

Chief Executive Officer

Alistair is CEO and co-founder of Fairway Group and has been working within the offshore finance industry since 1992.

He sits on the board of a number of real estate and private equity funds. Alistair’s current fund engagements include very private and COBO only type structures through to expert and non-domiciled materially equivalent expert funds, acting in the capacity of fund director or director of the managing trustee or general partner.

Through the combination of fund directorship appointments and responsibilities to the managed trust and fund services businesses, Alistair has gained significant experience across a broad range of asset classes, including real estate and private equity/venture capital investments, securitisation products and distressed debt.

Alistair travels frequently to the Middle East and UK to meet with new and existing clients as well as intermediaries. 

He also provides non-executive director services to a number of client structures and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW).