Retirement Trusts

Pensions & Savings

The Fairway Jersey Personal Pension Scheme (FJPPS) is the leading personal pension scheme in Jersey and was created to deliver a flexible tax efficient solution to make retirement easier for Jersey residents.

FJPPS can be used to transfer other approved pension funds including corporate pensions into personal pension plans. As an HMRC approved QROPS, your clients can also use this plan to transfer in pension funds from the UK. 

  • Provide for retirement by making regular or lump sum payments into this plan.
  • Make the most of annual allowances and enhance provisioning for retirement by using FJPPS, even though your clients may also be contributing to an employer’s occupational scheme at the same time.
  • Clients can continue to contribute to their plan while drawing an income in retirement
  • Your financial adviser can help you choose from a wide range of top-class investment funds.
  • From the age of 50, clients can take up to 30% of their plan’s accumulated value, tax-free, on retirement.
  • They can still draw an income from the plan to suit their circumstances once retired.
  • They can still purchase a traditional annuity from an insurance company, if preferred.
  • They decide how the unused pension is distributed in the event of death.

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