Trustee Services

The funds team has significant experience in providing trustee services to both open and closed ended fund structures. Abiding by the highest standards of corporate governance and transparency, our diligent, dedicated team is committed to service excellence and maximum efficiency. Through our team's leading administration and accounting experience, we are well placed to undertake Net Asset Value (NAV) reviews, pricing checks, control testing and the monitoring and safekeeping of the assets of the fund.

Fairway Group's independence, together with our significant experience in providing oversight and governance services to managed businesses, enables us to perform the trustee function with true dedication to the best interests of the unit holders.

Detailed below is a breakdown of the trustee services offered to clients, which may vary depending on the type of structure established:

  • Provision and management of trustee meetings
  • Trustee compliance including:
    • Reporting
    • Monitoring of the fund, the manager, administrator, custodian and any other providers, including NAV checks, control testing and monitoring of adherence to investment objectives/prospectus
    • Review and assurance of safekeeping of assets, including title verification and liaison with custodian/other parties as required
    • Oversight of governance arrangements
    • Ensuring appropriate procedures and controls in place across the structure to ensure compliance with the fund Codes of Practice, the Prospectus and all other applicable legal and regulatory rules
  • Review and signing of documentation for the fund, where applicable
  • Liaison with the regulator, as required, for the structure of the fund
  • Regular interface and communication with the manager, administrator and custodian as required to ensure the smooth operation of the structure
  • Ensuring adequate record keeping is maintained, access to auditors is provided and other record keeping across the structure is maintained to a high standard
  • Review of investor communications in line with the OCIF guide requirements, if applicable 
  • Any other duties required in order to ensure compliance with applicable rules

Key Contacts

Jerry Daly
Jerry Daly

Director & Head of Funds

Fairway Fund Trustee Services Limited and Fairway Fund Services Limited are regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission ("JFSC").

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