Approved Drawdown Contracts

Since 2003, Jersey residents have been able to establish very flexible pension drawdown arrangements, called Approved Drawdown Contracts (ADCs).

ADCs afford individuals the greatest amount of flexibility in retirement, allowing the individual to manage their own investments and determine how much and when they wish to draw pension income.

ADCs have strict qualification criteria, due to their very flexible nature, that require individuals to evidence the satisfaction of minimum income thresholds, before approval is given by the Comptroller of Taxes.

Fairway Pension Trustees Limited is able to establish ADCS, secure approval from the Comptroller of Taxes and also act in the capacity of an Approved Drawdown Manager, on behalf of the individual.

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Nicole Stower
Nicole Stower

Pensions Manager

Fairway Pension Trustees Limited is regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission ("JFSC").