The rise and rise Ollie Turner

29 Mar 2019

Ollie Turner has had a spectacular year. Now into his third year as Fairway Group's sponsored athlete, he has recently returned from six weeks of intensive training and racing in Singapore, Australia and Bali. We caught up with him before he headed back to University:


Ollie Turner




Professional triathlete / Full time student at Cardiff Met.

Why triathlon?

If it were easy everyone would do it... I like a challenge!

If you could change your mind and choose another path, would you?

No chance!

You’ve been working with Fairway Group for over two years now, what has been your highlight during that time?

Riding/racing triathlons with CEO Lou Bracken-Smith and of course the main man himself Graeme Fairlie (Fairway Group Business Development).

Favourite of the three disciplines?

Varies depending on the race... its generally between the swim or bike majority of the time though!

What is the toughest thing about being an athlete?

Not living that 'normal' student life and making sacrifices. Don't get me wrong I wouldn't change it for the world.

What has been your worst experience racing or training?

Double stress fracture in the fibula.

What’s the one piece of kit you could not do without?

My Garmin run watch.

How do you recover after a race/big training session?

Generally a loosener run and then a nice cold beer!

What is the best place you have visited for a race?


What’s your guilty pleasure foodwise? Something you might not tell the coach about?

Cadbury's Oreo choc.

Who is your sporting hero?

It's gotta be between Graeme or Derek Redmond.

Earlier this year Fairway Group extended its sponsorship with you for a further two years. What are your goals for this period and beyond?

Aim is always to improve on the year before. To be more specific, re-qualify for SuperLeague and gain a spot on the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games team.

If you could give one piece advice for race day, what would it be?

Relax. As long as you know in your heart of hearts you've prepared as best of possible nothing can go wrong!

If somebody wanted to start triathlon, where would you advise them?

Jersey novice event or try a tri. You've got to start somewhere!!

You worked at Fairway Group last summer, are you tempted to swap triathlon for corporate life?

As much as I enjoyed the 9-5 life and the office banter I think I will stick to triathlon for the foreseeable future.

Talking of which, are you free to run for Fairway Group in the Canaccord Corporate Cup?

If I'm in Jersey at the time I would be more than happy!

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