Pension promotions as Fairway Group develops international products

15 Apr 2020

The Pension department of Fairway Group, led by Peter Culnane, has promoted two team members as interest in its international savings product matches its successful local pension suite.


Tricia Love becomes Pensions Manager while Nicole Stower is promoted to Senior Pensions Manager.


Director and Head of Pensions, Peter said, “We’re seeing a huge opportunity to market Jersey as the destination of choice for savings products at the moment, opening our expertise to the world and particularly the Middle East”.


He adds, “We’ve made some changes to the structure of our team to better reflect the solutions we offer and these promotions ensure that the best people are in the correct roles”.

Fairway Group is a registered business name of Fairway Trust Limited, Fairway Fund Services Limited and Fairway Pension Trustees Limited. Regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission ("JFSC").

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