Fairway Group shares Ambassador award with local school at international wellbeing showcase

11 Nov 2020

Sam Wilkes (centre with the Fairway Flyers), Marketing Manager for Fairway Group, has been named Wellbeing Ambassador of the year at the Leaders in Wellbeing Awards for 2020.

He picked up the prize jointly with Sophie Roberts from Haute Vallee School at the awards which were held virtually following the Leaders in WellBeing – Re-imagined 2020 Summit.


Sam has been instrumental in the development of Fairway’s wellbeing programme which includes physical activities such as running, yoga and foraging excursions, alongside mental wellbeing initiatives like meditation, mindfulness and assistance for those who are struggling.


Commenting on the award, Sam said “We try to incorporate all aspects of wellbeing for our colleagues so this award is a nice surprise”. He continued, “What I’m most proud of is those that have got involved in something that they never would have before and continued with that change whether it’s our Couch to 5k graduates doing races or people trying yoga for the first time and loving it!”


As well as encouraging new participation, Fairway Group’s run club – the Fairway Flyers – has seen success in the Canaccord Corporate Cup in 2019 and the Trust Cup for the Jersey Marathon in 2020. This year also sees the launch of Fairway Trail Winders, with their first ever trail race at the end of November.


Sam said “I’d like to thank Beverly Le Cuirot for putting on such an extensive summit during this exceptional period and also to congratulate Sophie on her work with Haute Vallee.” He continued,

 “We believe that being Consciously Independent allows us the freedom to try anything if we think it is beneficial for our colleagues and the community. We’re always on the lookout for new ideas!”

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