Fairway Group receives Living Wage Accreditation

06 December 2022

The Living Wage campaign is run by Caritas Jersey, a local charity, who are licensed by the Living Wage Foundation in the UK to manage and co-ordinate the promotion of a ‘Living Wage’ in Jersey.

Alistair Rothwell, Co-Founder and CEO, Fairway, said: “As an owner-managed business every decision that impacts our team, including decisions on remuneration, are made locally in Jersey and this means we can guarantee fair wages for everyone. Although all our employees at Fairway are already paid above the Jersey living wage, having the Accreditation provides assurance to our team, prospective employees, our peers and our clients that we take our pledge to do right by our employees incredibly seriously. This also means ensuring we only work with third party suppliers and local contractors who pay a living wage to their staff.  This promise has never been more important, given the challenging economic situation and the rising cost of living. We hope other firms will follow our lead and pledge their commitment to paying fair wages to every member of their team”.

The CEO of Caritas, Patrick Lynch, said: “We are very happy that Fairway have been approved as a Living Wage employer.  More and more employers are choosing to join the Living Wage Campaign as the full effects of the current Cost of Living Emergency become apparent.  Employers like Fairway are therefore recognised for valuing the contribution of all employees and contractors at their business by paying the Living Wage.  We encourage all employers to contact us and start a conversation which will hopefully lead to accreditation”