Aiming high: Mark Andrews targets the Island Games

28 Jun 2019

“In the time it takes for your eyes to pick up the target, I’ll have already shot several”.

For a man who is not prone to hyperbole, this is a bold statement. When you see Mark Andrews on the shooting range though, you understand that it is not arrogance, just a reassuring confidence in his own ability. 

Mark explains, “the target, a clay disc 110mm in diameter, is released from a trap 15 metres in front of the shooter and leaves in a random direction travelling at average speeds of 125kph”. “This requires you to pick up the target direction, speed, allow for its path and pull the trigger in under one second,” he adds.

In July, Mark will travel to Gibraltar to compete in his 10th Island Games and will again be targeting top spot in Shooting. So far he has collected 18 Medals but is always looking to build on previous successes.

“I wouldn’t put in the hours if I didn’t think I’d continue to be competitive. I always go into tournaments aiming to win”.

Mark will be competing in the Olympic Trap and Automatic Ball Trap disciplines which involve shooting down targets which are travelling in various random directions at nearly 100 miles an hour. In an average week, he will shoot up to 400 targets at the Lecq Clay Target Club overlooking the stunning north coast of Jersey.

As a Director in Fairway Group’s Trust division, he can see similarities between sport and business.

“We have a good natured but competitive atmosphere at work which can be on the table tennis table at lunch time or in our social events like the recent quiz to raise money for the JSPCA,” he said.

“You always want to be better at what you do whether shooting or with clients,” he continued.

During his financial career, Mark has worked at a number of Jersey’s top trust businesses and along with Tanya Harrison, Letitia Prior and Aaron Christie, he currently looks after a wide range of private client trust administration at Fairway Group.

For this year’s Games, he has been given special dispensation to travel early by Fairway Group so that he will be in peak condition for his events.

Recently, he gave his team the opportunity to see and feel for themselves what it’s like to shoot a shotgun as well as passing on his experience having started in the sport whilst at school.

“It’s all about timing and belief in the training you’ve put in to get you at the tournament,” he says.

If you’re looking for asset protection solutions that hit the target…Mark’s your man.

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