The Proud Factor: Awards, wellbeing and #WoofWednesday

1 Jul 2019

It was an honour to join the year end prize giving for Beaulieu Convent School this week. After my short speech I had the pleasure of handing out prizes. I was astounded at the talent amongst these young ladies, the extracurricular was so much more than it was when I was at school. The wide ranging skills were impressive and the contribution to the local community all encompassing. I was proud to be an ex pupil.


Equally, the Fairway Group team continue to impress and amaze me, as a business we offer so much more than a great place to work. As we strive to be the employer of choice encouraging a work life balance whilst supporting sport. With our individual athlete Ollie Turner at the top of his game ready to compete for his place in the Super League Triathlon, we are proud to be part of his journey.


It’s the people that make our business, the hard work they put into servicing our clients to the highest standards and making our work environment a positive place to be.


Recently, Assistant Trust Manager Emma Furzer was recognised by ePrivateClient as one of the top 35 under 35 in the Channel Islands, richly deserved. We were also delighted to be awarded winner of the Healthiest Workplace at the Leaders in Wellbeing awards.


The number of our teams taking part in community events is impressive, notably the newly formed touch rugby team who have excelled beyond their expectations, coming 2nd in the top league with a lot of first time players.


The Fairway Flyers run club is almost literally taking off. We often joke that once a potential employee has met the technical standards, we then interview them about their 5km time but it does mean that our team has impressed to date. The men’s team are sitting in first place and the women’s in second in the Canaccord Corporate Cup 5km series.


The yoga sessions are now being run in the park by our own Trust Manager Rebecca Taylor during lunch breaks, which is both liberating and enjoyed by so many.


The wellbeing initiatives have been designed by Marketing, HR and the Colleagues’ Council: #WoofWednesday has had a positive impact with so many proud dog owners bringing their pets to work to interact with others adding a different dimension for our workspace. Two dogs seem to have made an impression on the community and that is Floyd and new boy Bobbie who have been recognised outside of the office.


One stand out initiative was the mindfulness programme run by Dan Ireland. He took us through the meditation techniques that he has mastered, the boardroom was filled with people switching off from their daily lives and taking some valuable time for themselves.


What I am most proud of is the impact the sessions have had on people. All the feedback was positive but the sessions prompted one Director, Mark Andrews, to get back to doing what he loved. Having neglected it for a number of years, he got himself back into his workshop and made an incredible wood-carved pen for a colleague. I asked if he could make something for my sister whose 50th was pending and like everything that Mark produces it was world class.


If you have not read about Mark please see our website He holds a staggering 18 Island Games medals for various sports shooting being his main event. This will be his 10 the time competing in the Island Games, which is incredible. He epitomises everything I believe we represent, hard work, talent, perseverance and inspiration.


In addition we trained a number of people throughout the group to be mental health first aiders. We recognise that the stresses of life can affect many people. We were proud to be commended in the Wellbeing awards for being a caring employer, an accolade that we appreciate and will cherish.


The leadership team are proud of the business and everyone within so thank you for all your efforts to deliver service excellence to our clients whilst providing a great place to be.


We were also delighted to be awarded Silver in the recent Citywealth marketing awards for best blog which was a surprise given the competition. With Island Games taking place next week, we hope that we too can be proud of our achievements. #bethebestyoucanbe

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