Start Small: How to grow in sport and business

10 May 2019

While training hard this winter I have been listening to the most inspirational stories, one of the most memorable being “I’m here to win” by Chris McCormack.

His story is so similar to many others, namely Danielle Grabol & Melissa Urie - The Queens of Epic 5 (5 ironman races on 5 Hawaiian Islands in 5 days) in their words “it’s all about priorities”.

Having qualified as an accountant, Chris followed his dreams and made a very successful career through triathlon. The ladies both have full time jobs as carers and have managed to train for these ultra endurance races. So how do they do it and how does it relate to life at Fairway?

They explain that their journeys all started small - Chris was a junior runner and he stumbled across triathlon with friends, a career in sport was not with the blessing of his father so he trained early mornings, did his day job and lived to race at the weekends. The girls also started small, running local races which then became bigger, longer more challenging on their never ending quest to find a race to challenge themselves beyond what they ever thought was possible.

The Fairway Group story also began small and has grown to a team of over 100 people, with offices now in Madeira and Bahrain. We too are on a journey to stretch the business and those within it. We are taking lessons from these sportsmen/women and how being active can improve people’s quality of life, we encourage people to join our run club, yoga practice and recently formed rugby touch team (so proud of this team having won many matches already!!)

While these amazing athletes inspire us to be the best we can be, we can learn much about how they set aspirational goals, work hard to continually improve, prioritise focused training to develop the required skills and adopt a holistic approach. We strive to be the employer of choice and with #WoofWednesday, we enjoy the company of dogs in the office, we now dress for the diary and have a wellbeing programme that the teams are all enjoying.

Meditation is also a key ingredient for these athletes who explain their mental strength is equally important as their physical regime. At Fairway Group, we have begun training people as mental health first aiders, this is to ensure that we have the skills to support those who might be struggling with the challenges of life. We are also hosting a six week meditation course for people to attend and in week three we are learning to mediate in the office environment.

My sports journey has taken me to work with coach Julian Nagi who also has a holistic approach to his training regime, sleep is top of the agenda followed by a training week which compliments a busy family life, work and travel commitments.

Thanks to coach and my amazing family who have supported me through the winter months. With the first race fast approaching, I am joined by our Head of HR Matt Ebbrell and Business Development Executive Graeme Fairlie at the Aix-en-Provence half Ironman. We have all worked hard and now looking forward to executing our plans.

Never give up, as Liverpool have just demonstrated. Three down against Barcelona and no-one thought it was possible to even the score, let alone dared to think that 4-3 was possible. It is incredible what people are capable of.

At Fairway Group we believe that we have the team to make a difference, add value and be solution driven. We hope that you have started small (like my daughter in the picture) and are now aiming high.

#bethebestyoucanbe #startsmall

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