Pushing the boundaries: Fuertaventura training camp

13 Mar 2018

As we are swept along with the passage of time and face the challenges of our busy lives. It is nice to take some time out to reflect on the business we have and formulate a plan around the business we want to be.

As they say “it is all in the planning” which is so true as we grow as a business and the roles we play as founder shareholders vastly differ from what they are today. In pursuit of focusing on what we all do best we have to push the boundaries so that we question our roles and ensure that the right people are doing the right jobs.

The same applies to our personal lives whether you are a creative, artist, musician or an athlete we need goals, focused training programmes so that we can push the boundaries and be the best we can be.

So I have been busy this winter sticking to the  (sometimes gruelling)  training programme set by coach Nick Saunders, juggling home life and working hard at Fairway driving the business forward.

Thanks to my incredible support at home I was fortunate to take a break to Fuertaventura for one of the TPS camps, in preparation for the half Ironman that I have signed up for in May, we felt this was the best way to push the boundaries and kick start the season.

Fintan and I wearing our new Jersey tri club kit post sea swim.

Here is a summary of the camp:

Day 1 was my first swim in a 50 m pool, feeling very inadequate as the elite German team swam in the next lane!  This was followed by a gentle cycle in the mountains (v windy) and a 10 k run through the hills (where we were chased by a wild dog and lost our way!).

Day 2 Big 100 k ride through the mountains, incredible roads long and windy few hills but still manageable. After a rest we had an aquathon planned but we stuck to a 2k sea swim, which which was refreshing. Sauna followed by a plunge pool was a relaxing way to end the day.

Day 3 early 13k run up to the lighthouse which was pretty steep, picturesque, a nice rest before another pool swim and gym session. This was considered to be the rest day!

Day 4 another beautiful day and a whopping 150k ride, I had a puncture pretty early on but was saved by the crew and was back in action. This was my biggest ride ever and was lucky to be under the protection of pro triathlete Fraser, the wind was relentless!!

Last day for me ;

Day 5 easy 6k run through the mountains, followed by a Q&A with the coaches and a 2k pool swim. Travel home

So we cycled 300k, ran 34k and swam 10k pretty awesome for 5 days.

With Jack Kennedy youngest on the camp incredible talent!

The week has been about pushing the boundaries for me, as Fairway we endeavour to get people to push their limits by being the best version of themselves. Only then can we continue to deliver and be the partner of choice for our clients. It was also about meeting some great people who were inspirational in helping you get through the tough moments.

So I do hope that you can take some time out to reflect, set some business targets and personal goals to push your boundaries and working towards being the best you can be!

PS special thank you to coaches Nick and Andy coaches from TPS, great people awesome camp!

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