Power and corners: CCC Time Trial 2017

14 Apr 2017

For some crazy reason I decided to do the 10 mile TT race run by the cycle club CCC, I arrived at the race 7:06am to be shouted at by the registrar who told me it was outrageous to arrive so late for a race, I quietly asked him to be nice to me as I was new and he said he did not care! Another lovely older man showed me the route I was concerned that it would not be signposted !!! Anyway it was good to see some friendly faces Katie and Della:


I managed to register and got number 65 which meant I would start last at approx 8:40am!! A lot later than I had hoped, it was a cold but dry morning and with the hanging around we were all shivering cold. Luckily Tony Moffat and the big Maggies professional crew allowed us to sit in his van and keep each other warm. It felt pretty lonely by the time it was my turn and hard to get myself in the zone. I was convinced I would come last but was ready to give it a blast and make sure i gave it a really good go.

Off I went remembering what Richard Tanguy told me to keep my power steady and build into it, not knowing what my threshold power was I set off over 240 power thinking that I could hold that. I tried to stay focused and found the corners were tough going and I slowed down each time hard of breaks and then wasting energy coming out of them - must get better on the corners!! Anyway finished it and was chuffed I did it, my time was 28.13 really pleased it's over !!

Relaxing for rest of day getting ready for the brick session tomorrow which is three loops 10k in St Ouen followed by 2.5k run laps in between each 10k - can't wait !!

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