One of us: Triathlon World Championships Lausanne

3 Sep 2019

My boys had an incredible opportunity to visit Twickenham and go behind the scenes recently.


They got to sit in the changing room in the very seat used by their uncle Kyran during his England rugby career (1993-2003).


Ben Young, the current no 9 is reminded that he is part of something bigger than the team he is playing for. The placard has the words “one of us“ and the names of the previous scrum halves (in order of no of caps) are listed below.

At Fairway Group, it is important to us that the teams, although focused on their roles, they are also part of something bigger as they each form a crucial part of the Fairway family. Being client centric, we strive to ensure that clients feel they are part of our journey and “one of us”.


Whether you are part of a team or a group through your hobbies it is wonderful to feel part of something bigger than yourself. I was fortunate to race this weekend for Ireland in the world triathlon championships in Lausanne.


Having watched the professionals competing for the world title, it was clear that although triathlon is an individual sport each athlete has a team around them, the coach, bike mechanic, the nutritionist and so on.


As Katie Zaferes crossed the line and was crowned the world champion, she was surrounded by her team, her parents and husband and it was a joy to witness what it meant to them as a team.


Our race was non-wetsuit (not ideal for me) and unbelievably, the fresh water lake was choppy. The bike course was hilly but fabulous at the same time. The Irish spectators made it a special event with cheers coming from all over the course, I was certainly made to feel like “one of us”.


It was a fantastic event and I’m so lucky to have been part of it - coming 55th in the world for my age group. A huge thank you to everyone who got me there, my amazing family for their ongoing support, my coach Julian Nagi for his dedication, nutritionist Kit Chamier and the Fairway Group family for allowing me to be the best I can be and making me “one of us”.

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