On the shoulders of giants: Les Platon duathlon

23 Apr 2017

Another beautiful morning in Jersey, perfect conditions for the duathlon. I was dreading running up the hill at Bouley Bay, whilst I enjoy going downhill I am always overtaken by many others on the way up !!

It was a 7.30 am prompt start and all 77 entrants headed off with equal vigour, I tried to get into my own rhythm and make the most of it before facing the hill. Coach Nick whizzed past on his bike as he kept an eye on the race and all those he trains. I took little steps as I was told and found that I was at the top much easier that I had expected, from the top I was able to push on and make it round the rest of the course which was undulating but not too bad.

Nick Saunders TPS coach

With a quick transition I was relieved to be on the bike, having not practiced putting my shoes on whilst in the bike I took some time but soon settled into it. The first lap I decided to build into and try to improve my speed with each lap. I needed to stay strong on the bike as I knew that the legendary Della Roderick would be close behind.

Ollie Turner flew past me on lap 3 which meant that Jo Gorrod and the other top girls would not be far behind so I tried to keep up the power. Fintan lapped me on the 4th lap so I knew I was falling behind. Final lap and Della cruised past looking strong so I tried to stay close behind.

Surprisingly, I managed to get out of transition quickly and move on to the 2.5 km run without knowing where the turning point was it felt like a long way and there were plenty of inclines. I tried to stay strong and Katie Silva, who had finished, shouted 'concentrate not far to go!' so I kept it going and finally crossed the line.

Great race to have finished 4th in the ladies, and it feels like the hard training is coming together!

Me with the Island Games legends Jo Gorrod (today's winner) and Della Roderick.

Below, two insprational ladies Gemma Dawkins IG 800m runner (Commonwealth Games contender) and Katie Silva IG triathlete (eyes shut again!) who had another great race.

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