Never Give Up - Deva Triathlon 2018

3 Jun 2018

“Never Give Up”  was a sign that I spotted in the crowd at the half Ironman race in Barcelona in May. One that we have all heard many times but was pretty powerful for me when I was considering stopping !! 

As a shareholder in Fairway, there are times when you wonder if you have made the right decisions and very often time proves that the tough times were actually opening doors for the next chapter. 

At Fairway we have a culture of working things out, for clients first and foremost and for the business. We engender a leader leader culture where we encourage all to contribute, we want people to add value and persevere with their ideas. It can take some time for the more junior team members to grasp this concept, we know they have the best ideas and we encourage them never to give up helping us think like a “day one business”.

The same applies to sport, a few from Team Jersey entered the olympic distance triathlon Deva,  a qualifying race for Team GB (Ireland in my case) for the worlds 2019. It was an ambitious race for many of us given that Barcelona was only two weeks ago, although we felt fine there was fatigue to contend with. 

It was a beautiful day and you could feel the pre-race nerves in the air.  The Age groups started in waves so we were off at 9am (which felt late), the first 800m were upstream and I struggled to stay with anyone, it was a lonely tough one for me I was delighted to reach the furthest buoy hoping the downstream would feel easier, again I was on my own coming back, not a great start. 

With a new bike to enjoy, it was good to get on the road, I knew the course was fast so I aimed to build and stay as strong as possible. It was fantastic, I was surprised to overtake people from the wave ahead and did not see many females (so I assumed they were all were ahead!). The bike was really enjoyable, it seemed short after Barcelona, but it still felt good to finish. 

Worried about the run I was not sure how the legs would be and hoped to build over the course. First lap felt OK, I was hoping to push it a little more for the 2nd lap but was slowing down and being overtaken by females in my category. It was hot, a mixture of road and off-road, I could not wait to get to the last lap. As I was starting my third lap Joanne Gorrod (Jo G) was finishing and her words were “dig deep Lou”. 

So that I what I tried to do, never give up and finish, eventually I found some rhythm, managing to claw back a few places towards the end and cross the finishing line.

Greeted by Jo G and Mel Messervy,  who had placed a fantastic 1st and 2nd in our category, I was feeling disappointed with my time having wanted to beat my PB. We queued for my results and I said “if I beat my position of 18th from last year it has been a good day”. 6th in my category I was totally shocked and thrilled that what felt like a slow tough race could place me anywhere near top 10!!

Going the extra mile is something that makes special people extraordinary. I certainly feel that our team at Fairway go above and beyond what is expected of them, whether this is for clients or each other. 

Sometimes we just need to hear those words “never give up” which can push us on and things turn out better than we expected. I hope you are challenging yourself, being the best you can be and never giving up!!!!

Some great results (after Mel & Jo coming 3rd overall) Mike Steen 5th, Johanna 11th, Becky 14th and Christian 16th.

PS - Huge thank yous to my amazing husband and four children for their support, Nick Saunders for getting us all there, Big Maggy's for the fab bike, Kit Chamier for the nutrition advice, and well done everyone!

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