Motivation: Be the best you can be 

28 Oct 2017

Having spoken at a leadership JIBS event my chosen topic was leadership in sport and business, this was followed by an interview with Business Brief about the qualities required to build a high performing organisation and compete as an athlete.

Like many CEOs, fitness is increasingly important for the leadership team and throughout the business. Not only does it ensure well being but enables the qualities required to compete at a high level to be shared with those of running a successful business.

For those who have not found their dream job or achieved their sporting ambitions my advice would be to make them come true. I am not suggesting people should job hop, as employers look for loyalty from their staff, but we spend a lot of time in the work place so it should be a place you want to be. People should follow their childhood dreams whether it be through artistic channels, music, food or sport their real passions should not be forgotten because we have busy jobs.

I was very proud of one of our team members who completed the couch to 5k, that shows me that everyone can make time in their busy work schedules to accomplish a personal goal.

The triathlon season has drawn to a close and may athletes have rested for a few weeks, the cross country and duathlon series will begin in November. The key I am told is nutrition, building strength and conditioning not an area I have made time for as yet.

Final aquathon Max and I in Abu Dhabi this morning, Max (9) was 6th in his age category up to 11 years old, I was a surprising 2 nd place,  it was v hot !!

Maybe this winter I will make the effort and aim to be the best I can be for next season. I hope that you are stepping out of your comfort zone and following your dreams.

A guest speaker Esther Stanhope was in Jersey at a LeanIn event co hosted by Fairway Group, she suggested that everyone should speak up and push for that promotion, she also suggested everyone should have a hashtag, one that separates you from the rest, so what is yours?

I went for #bethebestyoucanbe which represents my philosophy.

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