Learn something new: Breca Jersey 2018

9 Sep 2018

Great leaders never stop learning. At Fairway, we do our best to learn as much as we can about our clients, the more we understand their requirements the better placed we are to service their needs. Our high client retention record shows that we work hard to maintain our relationships and add value where we can.

In sport it is just as important to keep learning, with the Jersey Triathlon behind us many of the tri club members turned their attention to other challenges. A crazy few went on to face the Ironman, all successful despite some injury concerns, others completed the aquathon swim/ run series throughout August and many have signed up for the coastal swim/ run challenge known as Breca.

Having watched Sean Conway in a Jersey tourism clip, the weather looked amazing and the scenery so beautiful I felt it was time to give it a go.

As fate would have it Mel was selling her new swim/ run suit which fitted perfectly, of course the sport requires an entirely new wardrobe. Swim/run trainers, a pull buoy which you keep attached to your leg (whilst running), paddles, calf guards, a rope to attach you to your partner, soft water bottle, your food and that's it!

After a lot of laughs, trial and error with the kit, getting tangled in the rope, turning upside down with the pull buoy, losing the water bottle, paddles, working out where to put everything, dropping goggles/ swim cap several times and having to climb onto the rocks to get out of the swell (and find fast Della), Kirstie (my brave partner!) and I have been learning every time we go out.

Amazingly we have just completed the sprint course which was 4.6k swim and 14.5 k run. We are delighted to have made it around the course and overwhelmed to finish first in the ladies category.

I am yet to find an unhappy Breca person everyone seems to be embracing this new sport. The scenery is spectacular and I am embarrassed to say (having lived in Jersey since 1987) I have not swam or ran around this beautiful coastline.

t Fairway we also try to learn from each other's experiences, good and bad hopefully that makes us better placed to service our clients.

We hope you are learning something new or at least contemplating it!!

P.S. My next read is "Smart Business: What Alibaba's success reveals about the future of strategy". There was a 2 week wait list on Amazon for this book but you can download on kindle now - this has been highly recommended let me know what you think of it.

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