Justine Wilkinson treks Machu Picchu pt. 4

1 Aug 2019

It's point in Justine's epic Peruvian trek...

Tuesday we did more hiking but this time it was more downhill in the morning and the scenery changed quite a bit.


There were a few waterfalls and bridges that crossed the river which must look even more spectacular in the wet season. Another amazing sunny day with no clouds - we have been very lucky as the last group our guide took apparently had a lot of rain.


We stopped for lunch after an amazing cold beer sitting in the sun. The afternoon trek then took us along a path following the course of the river - lots of very steep sheer drops along the path side and a number of areas where there had been landslides and the valley side was bare of trees.


After a team game of football and a passion fruit snack, the trek continued passing amazing vibrant flowers and more stunning views. We arrived hot and tired at the Hobbit Houses and were able to enjoy the hot outdoor jacuzzi (with another cold beer!) before the first hot showers for three days! Loving this trek!


What a day yesterday was!


We set off early after another 6am wake-up call and had a short trek from the Hobbit Houses to an avocado and coffee plantation where we picked, shelled and roasted coffee beans. We then got to drink the most amazing fragrant coffee - it doesn’t get much fresher than this!


We had yukka and avocados as snacks while chilling and then another amazing lunch. How they manage to cook such fab food in limited conditions is incredible. The trek after lunch started relatively easy but ended up being another three hour hike (having already done two hours or so in the morning). It was all uphill and was relentless. A tough climb and really hot in the beating sun.


The jungle pathways had occasional shelter to cool down and catch your breath - it was really tough going with inclines of around 45-55 degrees most of the time through tropical forest. Stunning views and beautiful flowers once again meant the journey was slower going as I couldn’t stop taking photos.


We also saw some amazing colourful butterflies but they were hard to capture on camera. Part way through the trek we stopped at a hilltop shop for cold drinks and to buy souvenirs. There was also an amazing high swing that swung out over the valley below - not for the faint hearted or those scared of heights! We finished the trek arriving at an Inca site with our first views of Machu Picchu across the valley. Amazing!! The overnight stay was a campsite with views to die for. Panoramic vistas across the valley and Machu Picchu and a great sunset to finish an awesome day.

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