Justine Wilkinson treks Machu Picchu - the final chapter

5 Aug 2019

Machu Picchu day!


We were up at 3am (due to noisy neighbors at the hotel) but needed to get up at 4am anyway for breakfast before we took the first bus up to Machu Picchu. We got to the top before sunrise but it was a bit cloudy first thing so sadly not as spectacular as we had hoped. That said, the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu are breathtaking. By the time our guide had finished giving us a history lesson, the sun had burnt off the clouds and we had fabulous weather and views once again. We had loads of time to look round the multitude of temples, living areas and terraces where there was Alpaca and Llama. A truly spiritual and magical place with an amazing history. It really is astounding that it has been preserved after so many centuries of being completely abandoned. The afternoon was time for shopping and bartering at the central markets of Aguascalientes. Next stop was the Peru train to Ollantaytambo, then back to Cusco. What a trip of a lifetime this has been. Have loved every single minute.


I also thought I would share some statistics from the six day trip starting with the Sacred Valley and ending with Machu Picchu:


Total distance walked -124.93km

Total calories burnt - 20,117

Total floors climbed - 1,122

Total active minutes - 1,341

Total steps walked - 168,154


What an amazing trip. Tired but so happy to have completed this challenging trek, seen Machu Picchu and learnt about the awesome country of Peru and its history.

I can’t wait to share photos and memories when I get back. I will try and put together a small portfolio of photos to pick out the highlights - that could be difficult however as there were so many!

Thanks to all my supporters who have helped me raise much needed funds for the JSPCA. See you all on Tuesday when I return to Jersey. X

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