Hang on or push on: Crotchet Circuit 25 mile race

17 Apr 2017

The advice was to stay with the group and hang on or push on as best we could. The start was split into 3 divisions the slowest were set off first, with an 8 minute lead the second pack set off, followed by Division 1.

Unfortunately for me the start was rather frantic and I was dropped quickly I could not hang on going up La Pulente hill. I tried to dig deep to catch up but could not seem to make it, knowing I needed to be in a pack I kept my work rate up, my heart rate was at threshold so I just kept working at it.

Up Corbiere then back down La Pulente I faced the five mile road alone with the strong head winds, when I got to L'Etacq I could see the small group ahead and felt I could reach them.

By the time I reached the top of L'Etacq the first group Hangfrom behind approached I tried to stay on the back of them hoping that I would reach the group in front. I peddled hard and it was good to be with others, it did not last long as the pace was too fast. I could still see the group ahead and went onto the five mile road  once again, all alone but this time the wind was behind.

It felt longer than usual but I stuck at it and did the two laps, it was a great relief to cross the finish line.  The morale of today's tale is to stay with the group otherwise it is a lonely and hard race!


Post race smiles ! Last place I think!

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