Game plan comes together: Jersey Triathlon 2018

2 Jul 2018

At Fairway we are always working on our game plan whether that is group strategic direction or the operational plans within, it all comes down to a number of moving parts  all working together to deliver a high performing organisation.

In sport we too need a game plan to which there are many facets to come together to enable a winning performance. With the Jersey triathlon 2018 being my final race of the season, I reflected on my previous races with an awful feeling that I had more to give.

I decided that the game plan was to “smash” each discipline, with external factors that cannot be controlled such as weather conditions, lorries reversing and debris on the road. Within my control the training remained focused, intense at times and firmly  in the hands of Nick Saunders, nutrition was a big component which was managed by Kit Chamier, pre-race sleep and concentration crucial.

The sea state was actually calm, I endeavoured to remain on other swimmers feet to conserve as much energy as possible, on to the bike playing catch up. Windy and wet roads, the corners were a challenge, the first time I saw the top ladies was around the rock in St Ouen. Digging deep I hung on to come into transition with two other girls, through T2 and on to the run, the most challenging part for me.

Having got through lap one, I was desperately trying to find my rhythm which came and went with the course, digging deep it was lap three, with one to go I tried hard to extend my stride. Hanging on I crossed the finish line 2.25, nearly three minutes better than 2017 and that feeling I could not have done any more! 5th Jersey lady which meant success for me.

Team Fairway did us proud with the our relay team including Chairman Alistair Rothwell and Trust Manager Rebecca getting round in 2:45 while Sam Wilkes sneaked in under three hours and Graeme Fairlie also put in a good performance.

The wind and the rain did catch some competitors and there are times when the game plan needs to be adapted. As Triona Donaher found out when she spotted a swimmer who had been caught in the cross fire of the top swimmers and was struggling to catch her breath. Triona managed to drag her to the nearest kayak which were crucial minutes in getting her to safety. Truly commendable actions Triona, proud of you!

So it is always good to have a goal, a game plan and a strategy that works for business or pleasure, there are times when you need to adapt to it and times when you can “smash” it. We hope that you are being the best you can be.

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