Early starts: Being a corporate athlete

30 Apr 2017

Busy week with a few days off work in London, training was squeezed in where possible. With an early morning Monday swim, 1 hour cycle Tuesday, I was due to be at the running track on a Wednesday but was in UK. Staying at my brother Kyran's house I went for an early morning run and amazingly found a track on the common which meant I could do my 10 *200m efforts. It is always good to get the sessions in before the day begins.

Brother Kyran Bracken and gorgeous wife Victoria (training to be a PT!)

I personally get some good thinking time in whilst training and finished listening to the book "Black box thinking" by Matthew Syed on audible. An incredible insight into the medical profession / airline industry, and how we must to learn from our mistakes if we are to evolve our businesses and survive.

Friday was a fun day in London, we returned to Jersey on the last flight. It was 10 pm and I needed to get Freddie's (boy no2) cricket bag ready as he was off for a 3 day school cricket trip.

Saturday morning, after a trip to the airport. I was fortunate to be able to join the tri club cyclists who started at the Rodericks house. The Aix en Provence athletes,  had a 3.5 hour set in their schedule followed by a 30 min run and I had a 2.5 hour bike of 6*6 efforts at zone 4/5 (which means your heart rate is to be towards the top end) followed by a 20 min run.

It was a beautiful morning, there was little time to catch up with those on the ride before we began our ascent of Gorey hill heading to St Catherine's. We then headed up Rozel and continued with the hill theme up Bouley Bay, by the time we got to Bon Nuit I was too slow to keep up with the mighty Jo G and the men Simon Roderick, Fintan Kennedy, Chris Stephens to name a few!

Della kindly waiting for me and we went up Greve de Lecq,  by the time I made it to the top they were too strong,  that was the cue for me to head home. 

Della Roderick and other cyclists, (Simon was in the bush at this point) as we attempted to allow a horse to pass!

Good session thanks to the others, followed by a day at the rugby club with two boys playing for Jersey in the Siam cup. Delighted to confirm that both age groups beat their rival Guernsey teams.

Sunday morning some time spent on work e-mails,  followed by an early morning easy run for 1hr 30 mins. I was lucky the rain held off, we all then went to watch our boy (no 3) Max take part in a duathlon. He did very well coming out of the pool last and passing a few in transition, he finished 7th in the group of 15 and was competing against kids a year older. It was great to see him enjoy the well organised race by the jersey tri club.

Sea swim tomorrow 10 am St Brelade if anyone  wants to join us, looking forward to first swim this year !!

Max and his daddy!

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