Brexit, bootcamp and the kindness of strangers

18 Mar 2019

A belated happy New Year from the new home of the Fairway blog!

I’ve been writing my thoughts on training for triathlons while being CEO and a full time mum for nearly three years now.

It started with a clumsy few attempts focussed on my weekly training plans and slowly grew into an ongoing look at how business and sport share similar traits.

Now although it still looks at sport and parenthood, increasingly I’m being asked for my opinion on industry topics so we have added it to the Fairway Group website.

Last week I was in Fuerteventura with a group of triathletes as part of the TPS training camp. It’s the second year I’ve gone away with them and it’s a great time to reflect and take stock of my training so far.

I’ve got a packed year with another half Ironman (Aix-en-provence), the Jersey Triathlon, the Island games and the World Championships so this was the last chance to really dial in nutrition plans, learn from some experts and put in serious miles in the saddle, in the water and running.

All in all I’m pretty happy with where I am. Switching coaches to Team Nagi has been really good for me, pushing me when I had begun to get comfortable with my previous training regimes. I even appeared in the latest Team Nagi newsletter!!

Within the business, we’ve also been going through a period of consolidation and improvement. We have some massive infrastructure projects underway to implement leading IT systems as well as expanding our solutions.

Our pensions team has been making headlines with its work on international products. “Pensions” Pete Culnane was ahead of the curve when it came to the Jersey industry and it looks like he might have done the same for international savings plans and end of service gratuity schemes.

Talking of international, it’s hard to get away from the “B” word at the moment. The uncertainty the Brexit process is causing seems to be part of every newspaper, website and conversation.

We’re very fortunate that Jersey Finance and the Jersey Financial Services Commission have been doing some great work to secure the future of our Island’s finance industry with both the UK and EU so we continue to do what we do, be the IFC of choice for trusts, funds and pensions.

Also this week, I had an amazing moment with a relative stranger. Every morning I go into Beresford Street Kitchen for a Chai latte in my Fairway KeepCup. It’s an amazing place and I’m in there so regularly that most of the staff know me.

There’s another regular who sits and draws amazing pictures of the customers on napkins. This week he drew a picture of me! His name is Ming and he added some lessons in Chinese as well. It was such a sweet thing to do that I had a smile on my face all day!

It also reminded me that it was Chinese New Year in February and this year is the year of the pig. Though it doesn’t sound great, pigs are seen as symbols of wealth!!

I hope you’ve had a good year so far and are looking forward to the rest of 2019. Remember that kindness goes a long way!


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