Attack the hills: Brick sessions

15 Apr 2017

For those who are not familiar with a brick session this is a delightful term to describe how your legs feel running off the bike.

The CCC club had a hill climb event which crossed over with  the usual St Ouen route, Fintan came up with an alternative plan. The bike was up hydrangea avenue to the top, down to the Bel Tap loop around L'Etacq, back to Goldsmiths. We all did the first loop together followed by the first 2.5 k run, after yesterday I felt pretty exhausted and the easy lap did not feel easy at all !! Those doing the half iron man in Aix in 4 weeks time had 5 loops in their plan and the rest of us had 3, thankfully.

Mindful of the time I set off up the hill first, I was soon overtaken by the lead guys and Jo, Nick overtook me in the second group and I tried to hang onto his wheel up the hill. I was on my TT bike with disc wheel (which I am told is not good for hills due to the extra weight) I could not hang on and he got quite far ahead by the time he turned at the top. I chased hard and eventually caught up with him after the decent. Quick change into trainers and off for the first 2.5 k up along St Ouens Bay.

Second lap,  I was totally on my own the younger group were behind and the top guys were ahead, I continued to push on, at this stage the head wind felt pretty strong, I kept my head down and tried hard to hang on for the second run. Unfortunately I ran out of time for the Third lap but was happy to have completed 30 k plus 7.5 k run in total.

So the lesson for me today is to train through the tired days. I am also, in complete awe of the academy kids have the passion and determination to put themselves through these sessions smiling all the way, making it look easy!

70 min easy run tomorrow.

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